Event Topics

In this full-day recorded event in London, UK, Gabriel shares insider video marketing secrets that made him tens of thousands of dollars online. You can learn how in the comfort of your own home...

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    Live Recorded Course

    • Introduction

    • Powerful Video Marketing Tips 9 Top YouTubers Shared With Me

    • Top Reasons Why You Should Be on YouTube Today

    • The Top YouTube Myths That Stop People From Getting Started On YouTube

    • The 3 Things You Must Do Before You Start Your Channel

    • How To Set Up Your YouTube Channel

    • How To Effectively Define & Target a Profitable Market

    • Types of YouTube Channels and the Pros & Cons of Each

    • How To Get Inside The Minds' of Your Audience

    • Types of Videos You Can Create and the Pros & Cons of Each

    • Effective Ways To Overcome Your Camera Shyness Now

    • Three Main Reasons People Go On YouTube and How To Make Your Content Super Engaging

    • The Fastest Way To Grow Your Channel Especially When Just Starting Out

    • How To Start Making Money On YouTube Today Without a Website or Product

    • 12 Ways To Monetize Your YouTube Channel Without Having To Get Millions of Views or Subscribers

    • How To Create Viral Headlines That Have Been Proven To Work

    • The Most Effective Way To Structure Your Videos For Maximum Engagement & Interaction

    • How To Optimize Your Videos For Maximum Free Views - Tools, Methods, & Strategies

    • How To Create Eye-Grabbing & Attention-Getting Thumbnails That Get Your Videos Viewed Over Your Competitors

    • How To Create a Video Course & Turn It Into Multiple Passive Income Streams